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Mach-II Framework for CFML

Mach-II is a web-application framework focused on easing software development and maintenance.

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Sunsetting Mach-II

Rather than leave things in an uncertain state, we feel it is best to announce that the current team behind Mach-II will no longer be working on or supporting Mach-II moving forward.

Peter, Matt, and Kurt have all moved away from CFML to other technologies: Peter and Matt to Python and Django, Kurt to C#. Since we are no longer doing CFML development and our time will be filled working in and contributing to projects in our new primary languages, we are no longer able to effectively develop and support Mach-II.

Mach-II is a stable, mature framework and is used - and will continue to be used - by a large number of organizations for their most mission-critical CFML applications. Current Mach-II applications will continue to run just fine of course, and if Mach-II does everything you need it to do there’s no reason to stop using it. The code will remain in its current state on GitHub ( permanently, so it will always be available for you to use.

The beauty of free and open source software is that just because the current team supporting Mach-II is stepping away from the project, that doesn’t necessarily mean Mach-II dies. In addition to being able to continue to use Mach-II, you are also free to fork Mach-II and improve and evolve it as you see fit. Since we will no longer be maintaining Mach-II we will not be responding to pull requests back to the main repository, but if anyone is interested in taking over active maintenance of Mach-II please feel free to contact us.

Finally, we would like to express our extreme gratitude to everyone who contributed to Mach-II over the years. Contributions large and small - from minor edits to documentation, to helping by testing your applications on new versions of Mach-II, to major code contributions - were all vital to the success of Mach-II over the years. To all Mach-II users and contributors, our deepest and sincerest thanks.

Happy Hacking!
September 3rd, 2013

Mach-II's Mission

The mission of Mach-II® is to serve as a powerful, object-oriented, MVC framework for developing CFML applications. The team behind Mach-II believes that enterprise-level CFML applications should be easy to develop and maintain.

Mach-II handles your application's basic plumbing for you and allows you to spend your valuable time focusing on the business logic of your application. Mach-II provides a consistent, layered architecture for your applications that facilitates easier development and low-impact maintenance.

Mach-II is ...


Mach-II is an extremely full-featured framework that is highly extensible through the use of filters, plugins, and modules. Mach-II is based on two main software architecture principles of Event-Driven and Implicit Invocation.

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